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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sex News Roundup, Mar. 14, 2015.

Constance 'Dusty; Miller

Sex Abuse at All Levels of U.K. Society. 

Results sure to shock. (presstv.)


Are You Sure You Want Him Back, Girlie? 

Tempting Chris Brown. (hollywoodlife.)


LAPD Investigating 14 students in sex abuse case at Venice High. (wcsi.)

Some of the incidents involved forced sex and other incidents involved persons too young to give informed consent.


IKEA Pulls Out of Russia Due To ‘Anti-Gay-Promotion-to-Minors-Legislation.’ (globalnews.)

I once pulled out of an IKEA job interview when the interviewer asked me to take a seat. (assembly required.)


Jackson County Prosecutor Vows Crackdown on Sex Assaults. (wsiltv.)

(Keeping it in the family won’t make you safe.)


Bruce Jenner and That Khloe Kardashian Look. (latinpost.)

Still working on it. Don’t give up the daytime gender-projection, Brucie.


Stephen Sondheim’s Secret Sex Dungeon. (queerty.)

(Is he gay? It’s not like I know the guy or anything.)


Pamela Anderson Says Lover Tried to Smother Her. (opdnf.)

Says Kevin Salomon tried to strangle her during sex. Well, from one blonde to another, you can hardly blame the guy.


The Terrible Truth Behind the Sexual Harassment of Women. (huffpo.)  


Miss Sri Lanka Shelters Sex Abuse Victims: Beautiful Inside and Out. (alarabiyanews.)

Well. Isn’t that something.


Smooches and that’s all for now.


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