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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sex News Roundup.

Your hostess, Dusty Miller.

A taxing decision.

Same sex marriage partners now face ‘taxing’ decisions. Internal Revenue Service will treat as legal marriage as long as ceremony was performed in state or jurisdiction where it is legal.

“Not all same-sex couples are going to benefit financially from this change in tax law. Many will get hit with the ‘marriage penalty’ that many traditional couples have incurred over the years. This happens most frequently when both spouses earn income and their income is relatively the same, or when combined is more than $250,000 annually.” – Washington  Times, Communities.

Send complaints to the phone sex line.

San Francisco accidentally direct complaints to phone sex line, (causing further complaints.)

Big difference between 800-number and 866-number.

Tell her your dreams.

Tell her your dreams: telling her you dreamed of sex-with-your-ex is ‘over-sharing.’ – Men’s Health

Student sex: good news is 25 % not getting any.

Student sex; who’s having it, who’s not and are they using protection. -- Canada dotCom

A new national sex survey finds that a quarter of Canadian university students aren’t getting any. Not now, not ever.

“Twenty-seven per cent of college males and 23 per cent of college females have never engaged in vaginal, oral or anal sex, according to a report released Tuesday by Trojan and The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada (SIECCAN). The bad news, however, is that among those young people who aren’t abstaining, fully half don’t use a glove.”

A glove? Did you say, “A glove?” Did you say, ‘The bad news?” This would imply some sort of standpoint. So what is that standpoint? Presumably they mean a rubber glove—for all of that anal sex, or, er, ah; foreplay…???


Science: married couples rarely have sex for fun.

The real reason long-term couples are still banging away: to ‘approach’ or to ‘avoid.’ -- Wall Street Journal.

-- sex not fun anymore.

For years, Julie Brinton's days have been filled with sippy cups and skinned knees, and the endless push of getting three young children through dinner time, bath time, bedtime. By the time she crawls into bed each night, she has one thing on her mind: zoning out to an hour or so of TV.

But some nights, her husband, Rob, reaches over to rub her shoulders and offer her a back rub. And then Ms. Brinton thinks: "Has it really been three weeks? I guess we should probably have sex."

Yeah, so? Big deal. Get over it, throw a flag over your head—or a bag, and do it for your country.

No one says you have to like it—think of what your mother went through. Didn’t your old man once say when he was drunk that he used to put an ashtray between your mother’s breasts and left his boots on?

It could be worse. You could be one of those Canadian college students up shit creek without a glove.

Pay up or go to jail:

Military punished in sex scandal, pushed woman from car in dispute over payment.

Leon Paneta says two had ranks reduced and secret agent no longer in country.

Masturbation more shocking than sex?

Well, that’s easy stupid, because sex is also involved with status. Those who are getting it have higher status than those who ain’t—don’t believe me, ask 25 % of college kids here in Canada.

They’ll tell you just how terrible it is. But let’s be honest, (maybe even a little bit serious) for a minute, if we can—sex is ‘natural’ while masturbation is both unnatural and evil. Janet Reno found that out the hard way, when the former Attorney General of the U.S. suggested that encouraging masturbation might lead to fewer unwanted pregnancies in the most at-risk age group, young people. She lost her job over that one, as I recall.

And why are these fonts all wonky? Sigh. Blogger is such a pain in the pattooties sometimes!

So anyway, that's all I got for you this time.


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