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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sex News Roundup, May 16, 2014.

Rosie the Riveter. Underpaid and Underemployed.

Dusty Miller

GUYANA (Kaieteur News.) Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King has denied rumours that have suggested that he was involved in sexual relationships with female students at the New Opportunity Corps. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, said that he was disheartened to see how the media handles these sensitive matters in some media organs.

“We have heard the names of the students and parents being used,” the Minister said.

He said that by identifying the students by name and displaying their images is in itself a criminal violation. (KNews.)


Check Under the Bed. BETTENDORF, Iowa –  Authorities say a convicted sex offender faces felony charges after he was found hiding under a child's bed in Bettendorf. (Fox News.)


Alleged serial predator arrested in Ottawa sex assault cases. As many as 10 sexual assaults, from August 2012 and January 2014, could be linked, police say. (CBC.)


AUSTRALIA. Former Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes will serve a minimum of six years in jail for child sex offences. Hughes, 65, who the court heard ‘fears for his safety’ behind bars, remained expressionless as Judge Peter Zahra sentenced him to 10 years and nine months' jail. In sentencing Judge Zahra labelled Hughes' crimes "brazen, calculated" and "predatory sexual abuse of vulnerable" child victims. (News9SN.)


U.K. BIRMINGHAM. Surgeon denies patient sex assault charges. He denied all the charges at a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court. The trust said Mr. Hamid was excluded from practising while the investigation is ongoing. Patients treated in the neurosurgical department have been informed of the inquiry.


Bundesarchiv. (Wiki.)
Girl band films video while achieving orgasm. ADAM is an all-female Dutch EDM group filmed an interesting music video recently. Well, they tried to, at least. While singing, they were... Uh, feeling pretty good. Wondering why they're not singing too well? That's because they're having orgasms. (Right This Minute.)

Do you know you can achieve orgasm while singing?

No, but if you hum a few bars, I might be able to pick it up. (Sorry.)


Mommy, what’s a ‘skin orgasm?’ (PRI.)


Women Still Underpaid. Women still earned only 77 cents for every dollar that men earned in 2012, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2012, the median earnings of American women working full time year-round were $37,791. American men earned a median income of $49,398. The gender wage gap has hovered at about 77 cents on the dollar since 2007.

Women are also lagging behind men in terms of re-employment after the recession. The number of men working full time year-round increased by 1 million between 2011 and 2012, while the number of full-time working women remained close to the same. (HuffPo.)


Stolen Sex Toy. Police are hunting a couple who stole a sex toy from the Ann Summers shop in Manchester. A man and woman walked into the shop and started browsing the aisles before stealing the toy. CCTV captured the man picking up a vibrator and placing it in the woman’s bag. She was then seen to briefly visit the changing rooms before the pair left the shop. The stolen device was believed to be a £35 ‘Rampant Rabbit’ model. (Manchester Evening News.)


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