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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Squee! Life is just Dope.

I published my first book on Smashwords. Signing up was easy enough and the interface self-explanatory although I had to try the load-up three times. For some reason the category selection process takes three shots.
My first novella, ‘Project Passion’ is now in the line-up for Premium Distribution. Now I’m all exciting about doing more writing.
What a thrill. I still have to go through the usual checks, although on the advice of a friend I downloaded free copies in Epub and Kindle. They look so good it curled my toes.
I had no idea it was that exciting. Objectively speaking, I probably should put in the blurb that it isn’t a full-length book. I need to do some social networking.
In other news, I made my first submission, ever. That’s a cute little 4,000 word story, sent to a real life erotica ‘zine!
Life is just dope right now.
Please take a look at my book.

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