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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Devil Made Me Do It.

Whatever possessed me to write erotica?
The devil made me do it.
But seriously, folks…
Human sexuality can be brutal or sublime. It is a shared experience. It belongs to all, for surely none of us would be here if our parents didn’t have some kind of a sexual experience.
Sex is healthy, and natural, and yet so much mystery, and mystification revolves around the human body in general and sexuality in particular.
Extreme characters are of course more interesting, and have more intense experiences than people a little closer to the mainstream norms. A writer can share only so much with her readers. Yes, this is a glimpse into my mind for the discerning reader. There is also a sharp dividing line between fantasy and reality, and all characters, all situations, and all events are of course purely fictional and the products of what is hopefully a pretty fertile imagination.
In my own case, they’re also extremely personal, although the written word has had a cathartic effect on my own life. To write erotica is a bit disturbing, but it allowed me to get in touch with something that had been missing from my life. Sex, yes, but also romance--and the kind of passion that a healthy dose of both can bring.
To write about sex was liberation for me. I was afraid to do it. And not just write about it either! Hopefully that part works out too. I'm a discriminating sort of a girl, and I know what I want. (A man who will love me and then leave me the hell alone!) 
But at least now I have done it, and I am afraid no longer.
Let the games begin.
Here is the mini-synopsis for my first release, entitled Project Passion.

She just can’t get those graphic mental pictures of hot, raunchy sex out of her head. Sister Heather entered the convent as a young girl. She’s always wondered what she was missing in life. After obsessing long enough, the thirty-eight year-old virgin plans to do something about that. Heather is going to make her fantasy come true, no matter what it takes, no matter how it all turns out. The Project takes time, money, research and commitment. It requires stealth, courage and opportunity. Thanks to the internet and a small inheritance, she can now put her dreams into action. With a week’s leave to go canoeing in the wilderness and a stranger she met on the internet coming to seduce her, there’s still a lot that can go wrong.

I'm hoping to bring that online by the middle of April or so in electronic format, and I have several other projects on the go.

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