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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sex News Roundup.


I’ve often wondered if my mom ever burned her bra. She’s about the right age. I’m the youngest child, and mom was in university in the early seventies.
Her bookshelves were easily accessible to all of us and there were some books there that were clearly inspired by, or perhaps some of the inspiration behind, the women’s liberation movement.
It sounds so crazy now. Women’s Lib was strongly based in the civil rights movement and had some initial ties to the whole youth movement. It was all happening in the same era.
It seems strange that the Equal Rights Amendment never passed in the U.S. But we have a kind of de-facto equality now, although some would argue that women still get child custody in the majority of cases, and in criminal cases women are often seen to get a lighter sentence. In fact, the whole attitude towards women and crime is still off the mark in terms of perception and prosecution.
I’m not sure if women are any better-behaved than men, they just do things a bit differently. And still, there are men who simply cannot conceive of making a plate of bacon and eggs, or doing a laundry. They still think in terms of 'women's work,' or worry about what their buddies, equally backward and obnoxious, might think about it.
Hmn...did mom ever burn her bra?
Here’s our weekly sex-news roundup:
Same-sex couples lining up for marriage licenses in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul, (Minnesota.)
It seems strange that we  now have an increasing number of jurisdictions recognizing gay rights, and yet the ERA never passed in the U.S. although equal rights would be recognized as lawful in Canada. But the equal rights for women was a tough sell in Bible-belt areas, where tradition runs strong and women are seen in Biblical terms, in other words as ‘a vessel.’
Town buzzing after elementary school students watch principal having sex with teacher.
The story is from the Jamaica Star and the dialect and accents are authentic.
Detectives in Las Vegas have cleared ball player Jose Canseco in a sexual assault case.
The man’s been cleared and I can offer no comment other than to say the headlines saying he has been cleared should be as big as the ones that said he has been charged. Canseco took polygraph tests and the evidence is considered conclusive. He is considering a civil suit against the accuser.
The U.S. senate and the military are at odds over the military’s response to the problems of sexual assault. Senator John McCain says he is ‘disgusted’ in the typical political sound-bite.
A vessel.
$500 worth of sex toys stolen from car. ( Lock them in the trunk if you can't keep them at home, and be advised thieves will pop a window and use the button in the glove box to open the trunk if they see you put packages in there.
Naval Academy shaken by reports of student’s rape by athletes. The victim originally refused to cooperate in the investigation, she felt ashamed and intimidated.
What's interesting is how politicized sex can be and how it has become. At one time, it simply wasn't talked about in polite circles or outside of the rankest smut magazines. So the whole sexual liberation movement has had a profound impact on the way we think and behave in our more modern times. 
We have much to thank our mothers for! 

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