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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sex News Roundup.

Damn, I'm good. (Morguefile.)

Chinese official gets thirteen years for bribery in sex video scandal. Some kind of big show trial.
An un-named ‘media personality’ involved in bizarre cat burglary. News at eleven. I’m sitting in for what’s-her-name.
Sweden might adopt ‘total ban’ on bestiality. See also : Elk Might Have Been Stolen. (Just sayin’.) Are you sure that’s justified? (Just sayin’.)
“Slut-shaming victims are violated forever.” Victims were exposed to abuse, anonymously on Instagram. I always thought Sweden was a progressive country. It’s what we’ve been led to believe, but a wave of conservatism has swept the world in recent decades. One can only patiently await the next swing of the social pendulum. They’re just kids being mean. You get that everywhere.
A quick guide to dogging in London. (Old Blighty.) Note the relaxed attitude towards watchers in some locales. Yeah. Maybe they’re just getting a feel for it. Maybe if it was Conan the Barbarian. I might consider it. On some sort of mad whim, which I could probably resist…maybe. Or Karl Malden—that nose is a big turn-on. Of course he’s dead and everything.
That reminds me of a joke, which still remains classified to this day.
From the files:
Russian billionaire wants all gays and lesbians killed.
Michael Douglas says cunnilingus gave him cancer, but is he right? Like who cares, eh, girls?
Make sure that life insurance policy is all paid up and go to it, boys.
You know you love it.

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