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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Coming Soon: Selena's Escape.

Cover design by J. Thornton.

Coming soon to an online bookstore near you is 'Selena's Escape,' by Constance 'Dusty' Miller.

Here' the blurb:

Chauncey Mifflin owns everything in sight, including her. The whole planet is corrupt. Selena has thought long and hard about escape. The only thing she's waiting for is opportunity, but a heart turned to steel and a burning desire for revenge is enough to tip the balance. A short story.


The story is science fiction, and I really like the cover.

Thanks, J.

It's easy enough to load that up on Kindle and Smashwords, but I've also been meaning to try out OmniLit, where I already have an account, and possibly iTunes as there seems to be provision for Canadian authors. 

The big thing there is the U.S. 30 % withholding tax. Obviously you don't want to pay that if you're not a U.S. citizen and your country has a tax treaty with the U.S.

Disclaimer: I haven't signed up for iTunes and iBooks yet so this information might change. The only real tip there is not to click 'Apple' (or rather, make sure to un-click) that distribution channel when uploading the book on Smashwords.

Other than that I like to read them again once or twice just to make sure everything's copacetic and hunky-dory and all that sort of thing.


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