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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sex News Roundup.

Denial of sex amounts to cruelty.

by Dusty Miller

Man had sex with goat, confronted by his accuser in court. Sentenced to ten years. The goat will be taken home, killed, slaughtered and eaten with relish. (Mirror.)


Man dressed up as dog had sex repeatedly with cat.

“A man who enjoyed dressing up as a dog called called Bubblegum Husky has been arrested for having regular sex with a cat…Boise Police Department spokesman Charles McClure said that the charge was 'definitely unusual', adding that his department had handled similar cases only once or twice in his eight years on the force.”

(Mirror.) Yeah, how come the Mirror gets all these stories?


Man released after conviction for having sex with ex-wife’s dog.

“A dad-of-three walked free from court today after being convicted of having sex with his ex-wife’s dog…A jury heard he whistled the dog to join him in the bedroom after his ex refused to have sex.”

The four year-old dog’s name was Sasha. I’m starting to see a pattern here in the Mirror’s reporting. It’s not clear whether the dog was male or female. Perhaps it would be best to avoid undue speculation, but the gentleman is obviously rich or Conservative or something to avoid a stiff time in prison.


Retired Mountie charged with sex crimes dating back 30 years. (News 95.7.)


The pope has established a special commission on child abuse. Let’s hope they decide to stop it, eh?

“Cardinal O’Malley said the new sex abuse commission would be of international composition, consisting perhaps of 12 members, including lay people, members of religious orders and priests. The members will be persons with “competence in the safety of children, relations with victims, mental health, law enforcement” and other relevant subjects, he said.”  (Deacon’s Bench.)


Swiss tourist pleads guilty to taking pictures of sex worker, convicted of possession of obscene materials under Zambian law.

“’Your honour, I didn’t know it was illegal in Zambia because back in my home country almost every home you will find such pictures,’ claimed (the defendant.)” (Zambian Watchdog.)


Hong Kong cops bust vice racket behind big porn website.

“A vice racket that pocketed an estimated HK$60 million a year running the city's biggest porn website has been smashed by police following the arrest of 114 people in the past three days.”

Site also apparently ran ads for prostitutes, which presumably is illegal in Hong Kong. It’s also probably rampant and the city is still a tourist destination as well as a showpiece for the government in Beijing which would like folks to believe it is becoming more capitalist when it is merely authoritarian and exploitive enough in its own way.

“At the studio in Sham Shui Po, sex workers were offered a free make-up service and costumes such as school uniforms before having photographs taken and videos made, police said.” (South China Morning Post.)


Denial of sex without ‘reasonable cause’ amounts to cruelty.

 Upholding a family court order granting divorce to a city-based couple, the Bombay High Court has held that sex is the foundation of marriage and marriage without sex is an anathema. The court also observed that willful denial of sexual intercourse without reasonable cause amounts to cruelty.” (The Free Press Journal.)

Also from the same paper: man accused of sexual harassment to face all-female panel. Sounds like a fair trial and a quick execution.

And more from the Free Press Journal: Civic Hospitals Still Unsafe for Women.

“Even after 15 females – 12 lab technicians, two nurses and one patient – were assaulted in the premises of Nair and Sion Hospitals in the last two months, no strong step has been taken by the authorities to tighten up security.”

On the other hand, if you’re married and your husband shows up, rather insistent, demanding sex, you really can’t say no or you might face divorce proceedings.


I find the whole sex-thing rather schizophrenic.

Are things better now than they were a hundred years ago?

Let’s hope so, but now at least we can talk about such things. In the past, all this would have either been swept under the rug or sensationalized beyond all reasonable measure.

As the process of global villagization continues, we will inevitably move towards more coherent attitudes, across cultural boundaries. That's not to say that public opinion will not play a role, it is in fact the defining factor in what is and what is not illegal, immoral, or not permissible.

It would be interesting to hang around for a couple of hundred years and see how it all turns out.

I don’t make the sex news, I just report on it, ladies and gentlemen.


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