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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sex News Roundup.

A few members of the Dusty Miller fan club.

by Dusty Miller.

Croatia denies same-sex marriage in national referendum. My friend is philosophical about this one. She’s a lesbian, I think I told you that before. 

She also doesn’t live in Croatia. It’s not her fight. Croatia is quoted as ‘being tolerant towards homosexuality.’ Who they might be compared to is unclear from the text.


Georgetown, Guyana. Police officer’s assault on sex worker caught on video.

“A police officer stationed at Mahdia and accused of harassing sex workers in the Region Eight area has been reportedly captured on video assaulting one of them and the Guyana Women Miners Organization (GWMO) plans to take up the issue with the senior officers of the police force.” (Stabroek News.)

Fucking dummies spelled organization with an ‘s.’ What up with that, eh?


Sex workers love Affordable Health Care Act. I hope the reader will forgive me, but I will never use the term ‘Obamacare’ because I refuse to let someone else set the agenda and define the terms.

“In the all-cash, off-the-books sex industry, workers can be particularly high risk and insurance is often out of reach. Many sex workers -- a broad term that can refer to a number of services, including sexual massage, prostitution, and escort and dominatrix work -- consider themselves self-employed entrepreneurs who can't afford to purchase healthcare. But that could all change with the Affordable Care Act.” (CNN Money.)

I’ve actually read a couple of stories on this issue, which makes me something of an expert. Either that or some one with a little too much time on my hands. But the perspective is different when the trade is legal.

“The girls at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch say they support the new legislation.  Taylor Lee said; "Having this profession, we aren't exactly offered group health insurance.  It's hard because I do have a pre-existing condition so I really support Obamacare.  I'm excited." 

“Taylor Lee's pre-existing condition didn't help, but that wasn't the only reason she was denied health coverage prior to Obamacare.  Before the new law she and the other girls who work at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch said getting health insurance was impossible because carriers refused to cover them because they worked in a legal brothel. Bella Dawn said; "I switched professions and I wrote it down and they denied it because of the profession I'm in."  Caressa Kisses agrees adding; "They equate us to illegal working girls who have very high STD's and AIDS rates which we have none of the above.  We're legal, licensed prostitutes.” (MyNews4.)


Now this is creepy. Remind me not to get too anesthetized anytime soon. Doctor found guilty of twenty-one sex assaults on patients under sedation.

“The women reported that Doodnaught kissed them, touched them inappropriately or committed other sexual acts while they were under conscious sedation — all but one during surgeries at a Toronto hospital between 2006 and 2010.” (National Post.)


            The American Psychiatric Association will ‘correct’ its manual. Pedophilia is not an ‘orientation.’

            No, I would say it is a paraphiliac behaviour. I am not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on TV.

“Pedophilia is not a 'sexual orientation,' and erroneous use of that phrase will be corrected soon in its new manual on mental illnesses, the American Psychiatric Association said Thursday. The APA’s statement came in response to media inquiries, including from The Washington Times, about an uproar on the Internet that the APA had designated pedophilia as a sexual orientation in its new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as DSM-5 or DSM-V.”

See this: they agree with me.

“Other…paraphilias are exhibitionistic disorder, fetishistic disorder, frotteuristic disorder, sexual masochism disorder, sexual sadism disorder, transvestic disorder, voyeuristic disorder and pedophilic disorder. Despite all these things being labeled a 'disorder' in DSMs for years, the actions some of them result in — for example, flashing, assault and battery, and 'peeping Tom' behavior — are all un-controversially illegal.” (Washington Times.)

Frotteurism: holy crap, and I didn’t know this until now.


The truth behind sex addiction. (Canadian Living.)

Here’s Wikipedia’s spin on sexual addiction. (Yeah, fuck, I wish, eh. The trouble is I have too much good sense to give in to some of these urges.) The neutrality of aforesaid article is under dispute, by the way.

(Dusty. – ed.)

(What? – Dusty.)

(Try not to forget your dignity as a Canadian Journalist. – ed.)

(Oh, right. Sorry. It's just that I haven't been boned in a while. – Dusty.)


Couple fined for oral sex while airborne. See, that’s one reason they should make the bathrooms bigger on planes.

“The affidavit states Martin and Stroble, 44 and 33 years old respectively at the time of the incident, were allegedly asked to stop by an attendant and did so during the drink and snack service, but later repeated the sex acts before landing.”

“One of the passengers complained to an attendant that ‘this is not the sex education I wanted to give my teenage sons,’ according to the criminal complaint.”

No, of course not. You've been putting that off for a while. Don't worry. They probably know more about it than you do. (CNN Travel.)


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