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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sex News Roundup, May 23, 2015.

Dusty Miller

Age 68, She’s Had Enough Sex.

“Dear Annie: Is there any end to it? I am 68 and have been married for 44 years. My husband and I both have some health issues, but he still needs sex, or he becomes depressed and can’t seem to function. My husband is also addicted to pornography and has been his whole adult life. I’ve looked the other way on this vice because he is otherwise a wonderful husband and father. I just don’t feel like feeding his sex fantasies at this stage of our marriage. Not to mention, Viagra is an expensive pill and has some side effects. I seriously would like honest answers from other senior citizens in their late 60s and early 70s. What should I do? I’ve thought about ending the marriage and letting him find a younger gal. I know that’s what some men need and want. – Had Enough, Thanks”

Read Annie’s answer: (spokesmanreview.)

I suppose I must sympathize. As for myself, I ain’t getting enough sex, and I’m only 32.


Gonorrhea Rates Soar.

“The Grey Bruce Health Unit is reminding you to practice safe sex, as gonorrhea rates are on the rise both locally and throughout the country. Medical Officer of Health Doctor Hazel Lynn says Grey Bruce has seen more than a 300 per cent increase, from six cases in 2013 to 25 in 2014. Doctor Lynn says contributing to this increase is the proliferation of online websites, such as Tinder and the local Craigslist that cater to anonymous sexual contact.” (bayshorebroadcasting.)

Sounds like someone’s pretty active up there in Owen Sound.


Four Koreans Arrested for Sex Trafficking.

“Four Korean nationals were arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation last Thursday for alleged human trafficking. Assistant Regional Director Augusto Eric Isidoro said an informant, also a Korean, was the one who tipped the NBI that the four suspects were running a website that offer tour packages to Koreans. These tour packages include sex services by Filipino women. To entrapment operation last Thursday was carried out at a hotel with the help of the Korean informant who pretended to book a girl from the website at $150. The girl was eventually rescued by the NBI agents and was convinced to help in pinpointing the suspects.” (thefreeman.)


Sex Trade Workers May Get Aid.

"A proposed grant from the City of Nanaimo would see $12,500 go to helping sex trade workers in the city through a small 'Community Action Team' that operates through the Nanaimo Women's Resources Society. Most of the grant will be put towards helping the CAT team cover costs in their work, such as printing brochures or providing information to help women get out of the sex trade or stay safe. Another local measure has been installing drop boxes throughout the city for sex workers to anonymously report clients who have assaulted them or were otherwise abusive. That information is also shared with the police.” (nanaimodailynews.)


Stolen Selfie Used In Sex Ad.

“A Texas woman is claiming that her Facebook page was hacked and that a selfie she'd posted on it was used in a sex ad on Craigslist. ‘Divorced White Female needing servicing... the more the merrier... color isn't as important as the tools you are working with,’ the ad said.”
Hmn. Wonder if that worked—wonder if was a mere ploy. Still, I suppose one should be sympathetic. (ifppress.)


Two Cups of Coffee a Day Might Improve Your Sex Life.

But I doubt it. First you’d have to have one.

“Drinking just two cups of coffee a day could dramatically improve your sex life, a university study has concluded. A study by the University of Texas has found that men who drank two cups a day where 42 per cent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction compared to men.” (ekurddaily.)

Senator Calls for Firing Police Chief Over Release of Information.

Oh, I don’t know, senator. It is Arkansas, after all. He was probably just shaming them because they didn’t want to bring their babies to full term, or grant conjugal and visitation and custodial rights and prison visits to the perpetrator. ‘Cause life is just so fucking precious in Arkansas.

“A state senator from Northwest Arkansas is calling for the Springdale police chief to be fired over the recent release of a 2006 police report detailing accusations that Josh Duggar as a teenager molested five underage girls. Sen. Bart Hester, R-Cave Springs, said the girls have been re-victimized now that the report is public. He said Police Chief Kathy O’Kelley acted recklessly in releasing the report and should be held accountable.” (5news.)


Victims in Custody Recount Ordeal.

Boys charged with robbery, forced into oral and anal sex.

“The police officer first offered me money to confess my involvement in the crime. When I refused, he kicked me hard in the chest. Then he asked me take off clothes, pulled my underwear and asked me to pick up an open wire and tie it around my genitals. I kept crying and he threatened to plug in the other end of the wire to give me shocks. This is the horrifying account of one of the three boys, all 20 years old, who were arrested under the charges of robbery by Daund police and interrogated by Baramati Taluka police under Pune rural jurisdiction for their ‘involvement’ in another case.” (theindianexpress.)


That’s all for another Sex News Roundup.

Thanks for reading.



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